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[Update]Lodoss War Online Patchnotes (July 5th)

Item drop rate


< 6 star rare item drop improved >


- Certain 6 star rare item drop rate will be increased.

List of 6 star rare items with the drop rate increase.





< Clear EXP reworked >


- Labyrinth clear EXP for characters over level 61 is reworked as below.

Before : Provides clear EXP according to character level if the first cleared labyrinth of the day is Disillusionment Labyrinth.

After : Clearing Disillusionment Labyrinth after clearing Fallen Labyrinth also provides clear EXP according to character level.

※ Clear EXP can only be obtained once per day.


< Bonus Clear EXP added >


- Clearing any other labyrinths after receiving daily clear EXP reward will provide some bonus clear EXP.


< New item reward added >


- New 6 star rare weapon and protective equipment reward will be added.



Hunting Ground


< Lake obelisk B3 ~ B7 Difficulty reworked >


- Lake obelisk B3 ~ B7 now have Difficulty range 0 to 6, instead of 0 to 20.

- Changes made by difficulty can also be checked in Difficulty Change UI.



< Lake obelisk B3 ~ B7 Premium Channel Increased >


- Lake obelisk B3 ~ B7 Premium Channel number will be increased to 4.

- In premium channels, the effect of Artifact: Spatiotemporal Stone is applied.





< Weekly Raid Instance entrance level limit changed >


- Entrance level limit for weekly raid instances will be increased.