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[Update]Lodoss War Online Patchnotes (May 31st)

Second Class Change

- Second Class Change is added for Paladin, Knight, Priest, Monk, Sorcerer, Warlock classes.


1. How to start Second Class Change

- Second Class Change can be started at Lloyd Adventurer Association Class NPCs after reaching level 80.




* Please note there is an issue where Mercenary character’s Specialize class ability not being applied to Second Class Change characters. The issue will be fixed in near future.


2. Changes made after Second Class Change



3. New Skills obtained after Second Class Change


* Please note there is an issue where you cannot level up your second class change skills after changing your class. This issue is resolved after reconnecting to the game.


4. Second Skill Upgrade quests available


- Special material and gold are required for second skill upgrades.
- Item required for second skill upgrade can be obtained by completing quests provided from Lloyd Adventurer Association Skill Trainer NPC.




5. Second Skill Upgrade reset


- To reset second skill upgrade, you need to use “Skill Reset Scroll[High]” available from Grand Gold Coin shop.


Item Collection shop


- A collective item shop NPC will be made available in Adventurer Association Basement.
- The shop will contain items from other item shops scattered around Lodoss Islands.
- Original item shops will also be maintained as well.
- Items with purchase limit will be applied to both shop at once, so you cannot purchase items exceeding purchase limit.

Exploration Dungeon Monster LP reduced


- LP of monsters in Exploration Dungeons listed below will be decreased by 30%