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[Update]Lodoss War Online Patchnotes (April 26th)

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands.


Below are the details patchnotes for April 26th update.



New Class: Warrior


- Warrior is a melee damage dealer, who equips greatsword and light armor.

- He can change his class to either Mercenary or Avenger after reaching level 20.





- Calls fellow mercenaries to his aid, and use skills with different effects for stability in battle.





- A berserk fighter with special buff called “Frenzy”, which provides unusual strength but weakens his survivability in battle.




- You can preview each costumes for warrior classes below.




Puppet System


- You can get useful buffs while travelling with a small puppet.

- Puppet menu can be accessed from Characters > Puppet.
- The puppets already made available will be included into new puppet system, by right-clicking to use the puppet.
- There are 57 different puppets you can collect.

Summoning Puppet


- Puppets can be summoned with puppet summoning items.
- You can collect puppet summoning items by participating in game contents, or purchase the items from Grand Gold Coin shop.
- The items purchased from Coin shop have higher chance of obtaining rare puppets.



Registering Puppet


- Obtained puppets needs to be activated in puppet UI slot to be effective.
- Puppet located in Companion slot will follow the owner and use companion skills to provide assistance.
- Puppet located in Support slot do not follow the owner, but support skills are applied.



Puppet star level up


- Puppets have star level system, up to 5 star levels.
- Each puppet can only level up to a set limit according to each star level.
- Star level of puppet can be increased by “Growth” system.
- To increase star level, your main puppet needs maximum level for the current star level, and ingredient puppet, and gold.




Puppet combine


- You can combine 2 puppets of the same grade to create a new one.



Puppet ability


- Puppets have 3 types of skills to assist the owner.
- Puppets skills are not applied in PVP conditions.
- Puppet looting ability becomes upgraded as star level becomes higher.



Puppet level up


- Puppet can level up by feeding items to the puppet.
- They can consume weapon, protective equipment, accessory, article, puppet food.



Puppet quest


- Certain quests will be added to provide brief tutorial and useful rewards.


Costume enhance system


Costume synthesis system


- Two costumes of the same parts can be synthesized to obtain higher rank costume.
- Existing costumes will be ranked normal, and can be synthesized to obtain rare, unique grade costumes at a certain chance.
- Rare/Unique grade costumes does not have higher basic stats, but gets higher grade slots for magic tools
Rare Slot: Exists on rare costumes and above. For normal/rare magic tools.
Unique Slot: Exists on unique costumes. For normal/rare/unique magic tools.
- Costume Synthesizing Cube can be purchased from Justin in Adventurer Association.



Costume Disassembly system


- Costumes can be disassembled to obtain magic tools for costume slots.
- Normal/rare/unique costumes can all be disassembled.




New item drops


- New 5 star rare / 6 star rare / unique protective equipment are available.






Mercenary Rank Icon & Title


- You can now see mercenary rank from Mercenary > Hire menu, at the top right of the mercenary icon.



- New titles related mercenary have been added.




Field rework


- Swamp of Tranquility is reworked to provide more space and easier passage.
- Swamp of Tranquility monster Hell Hound(Magical Creature) is replaced with Andro Crocodile(Legendary Creature)
- Lake obelisk B7 monster experience is increased


Guild Hall


- You can now enter guild hall at Adventurer Association by approaching the staircase next to NPC Baros in Guild Office



- Lower class guild dungeon difficulty will be adjusted.





Matching Raid Instance

- Minimum number of members required is reduced to 10.