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[Event] May New Character Event

Hello, hereos of Lodoss Islands.


Here are the details for our May New Character Event.


April 26th After Maintenance ~ May 24th Before Maintenance


Newly created characters will be provided with ‘4 Level Achievement Box’.
The box can be opened to obtain useful items as you level up, listed below.







※ Please note
1. Level Achievement Box can be opened after you reach the designated level.
2. Event items have different tradable status. Please check the item tooltip for more information.
3. Event items will not be transferred or recovered for reasons above.
4. Item details can be checked in game. (Place the cursor over in-game item and press '+' key)
5. Event details could be changed due to internal affairs. Any changes made will be notified in a separate announcement. 

[Complete]Scheduled Regular Maintenance(May 3rd)
[Complete]Scheduled Regular Maintenance(April 26th)