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[Guide]Mercenary System

Mercenary System

What is Mercenary?

- Mercenaries are reliable partners who fight beside adventurers.
- Each adventurer can have up to 2 mercenaries.
- There are no special restrictions in using mercenary, but they become inactive when adventurer enters Exploration Dungeon, Labyrinth, Raid.

Mercenary in Combat

- Mercenaries do not attack preemptively. They do not get attacked preemptively by monsters.
- Mercenaries attack enemies the adventurer attacks.
- Melee mercenaries attack enemies in a position where they do not collide with the adventurer.
- Ranged mercenaries attack enemies at maximum range.
- Healer and Buffer mercenaries attack enemies, but they prioritize using heal and buff skills.
- Mercenary skills are activated when adventurer is in combat, and is used continuously as long as the cooldown and MP allows.

How to obtain Mercenary

- Mercenaries can be obtained by ‘hiring’ them after collecting ‘10’ mercenary fragments by using “Mercenary Tickets”.

Mercenary Rank

- Mercenaries belong to 5 ranks listed below.
- All mercenaries are “Iron” rank when first hired.
- You can spend mercenary fragments to rank up the mercenaries you hired.



Mercenary Type

- Mercenaries can be categorized into 3 different types: Attack type, Supplement type, and Special type.
- The role of each category is listed below.




Mercenary’s Death

- Mercenaries do not get attacked preemptively, but they still have aggro so they can be targeted by monsters.
- Mercenaries can take damage from AoE attacks.
- Mercenaries have set LP, so if they continuously take damage, they can die.
- Once they die, mercenaries do not have any effect until they are resurrected.
- Mercenaries can be resurrected by using “Resurrection spell books”, or with priest’s “Resurrection” skill.

Mercenary UI information

- You can view your currently registered mercenary and brief information on other available mercenaries.



- You can set up your mercenaries’ equipment and skills, and view detailed information of the mercenaries.



- You can hire mercenaries here, and view brief information on available mercenaries.




Mercenary Equipments

- Mercenaries have the same equipment slot as player character, and can equip all the equipments, but only some options are applied.

When mercenary equips player items



Special equipments include appearance, cloak, belt, and underwear.

- There are some mercenary-only equipments as well.

Mercenary Level Up

- Mercenary max level is 100.
- Mercenaries gain EXP points when they hunt monsters with player character.
- If player character cannot gain EXP points when they eliminate a monster, mercenaries do not gain any EXP points as well.