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[Update]Lodoss War Online Patchnotes 5 (January 6th)

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands.


Here are detailed patchnotes for January 6th update.


15. Other

Weapon Upgrade Effect

- You can now see weapon upgrade effects according to the level of upgrade on your weapon.



Class Ability Icon

- You can now view which class abilities you are receiving.
- A class ability icon appears below your portrait when you are receiving a class ability effect.
- Party member class abilities have limited range, so if you are far away from party member, the icon disappears and you no longer gain the class ability benefits.



Non-enter chatting mode

- A mode where the chatting input is always available.
- You can use other shortcuts by pressing ctrl+shortcut key.
- This mode can be activated from Setting > System menu.




Character Name Change – to be implemented in future

- You can change the name of your character from the character selection screen.
- You need 150 Grand Gold Coin to change the name.
- Normal character name restrictions apply.

Character Sorting - to be implemented in future

- You can now sort your characters as you want from the character selection menu.
- Select your character and click the arrow button to move your characters up or down.

DPS Meter

- A DPS meter is now available for each character, and shows your DPS and total damage.
- The DPS meter resets when the character enters combat, and measures your damage stats until the combat ends.
- You can turn the DPS meter on/off from Setting > System menu.

Skill Master Accessible from Skill Menu

- You can now access Skill Master window and learn new skills from the skill menu.
- Click on the “Skill master” icon at the bottom of your game screen to open up skill master window.



Item Durability

- All items will be dropped with 100 durability.
- Existing items will not be affected.

Item Drop Added in Early Hunting Grounds

- When low level characters hunt monsters in early hunting grounds, they have a chance to obtain rare items to help them progress.



Automatic Dungeon/Ability Guide Quest Added

- When you reach certain level, you automatically receive quests that will lead you to dungeon field hunting grounds appropriate for your level.
- When you open up each abilities in Adventurer Ability menu, you automatically receive quests that guides you about the adventurer ability.
- Adventurer ability consists of 5 different categories: Growth, Adventure, Class, Hunting, Partner ability.
- You can receive automatic ability quests from Aria in Adventurer Association.

Gold Monster Extra Item Drop

- Gold monsters now drop rare items, which can only be obtained from eliminating gold monsters.
- These items include 5 star rare items with rare options added.

PVP Shop Renewal

- NPC Selina now sells more items in her PVP shop.

New Ancient Recipe – Mystic Stones

- NPC Tiki sells “Ancient Recipe – Mystic Stone x 10” and “Ancient Recipe – Mystic Stone x 30”, which you can use to create 10 and 30 Mystic Stones.

Items with two prefix drop chance

- When you hunt monsters over level 60, and obtain items higher quality than 5 star normal, you have a chance to obtain items with 2 prefixes.