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[Update]Lodoss War Online Patchnotes 2 (January 6th)

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands.


Here are detailed patchnotes for January 6th update.


5. Exploration Dungeon & Labyrinth

Exploration Dungeon
- Exploration Dungeon recommended level is redistributed, and new exploration dungeons are added.
- Exploration Dungeon Hard mode is added.
- All players who clear Exploration Dungeon are awarded with “Exploration dungeon conqueror box”, which contains buff potions, Adventurer seal, gold, equipments and more.
- Exploration Dungeons over level limit 46 occasionally drop 6 star rings.






- Fallen labyrinth is reworked into 3 different chapters, each with room of strength for further benefit.
- New labyrinth “Disillusionment labyrinth” is added.
- Disillusionment labyrinth consists of 4 different areas, where you can face different monsters for 5 star EX equipments and labyrinth mana fragments 



- New labyrinth “Intruder labyrinth” is added.
- In Intruder labyrinth, you can attempt to eliminate the monsters within a time limit.
- If you have Immortal key in Intruder labyrinth, you can claim a improved reward.
- There is no daily limit to claiming the reward. You can try as many time as you would like.


6. New hunting ground Lake obelisk

- A new field hunting grounds which can be entered from Lake city Cudd.



7. Field Difficulty Setting


How to select field difficulty
- Field difficulty setting can be selected in minimap, or system menu.




- Field difficulty setting can be altered only in field hunting grounds over level 60.
- You can view any difficulty changes additional rewards for the difficulty level when you set the difficulty.