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[Update]Lodoss War Online Patchnotes 1 (January 6th)

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands. 


Here are detailed patchnotes for January 6th update.


1. Character/Growth/Adventurer ability level

- The maximum character level cap is increased to 120.
- Skill level reworked to match the increased level cap.
- Monster EXP reward rebalanced to increase level up speed
- The maximum growth level cap is increased to 1500.
- Daily growth level limit increased to 100 in growth level 1 ~ 400 period. Daily growth level cap decreases to around 6 levels per day after 400, and keeps decreasing slowly as growth level becomes higher.

- The maximum adventurer ability level cap is increased to 600.
- New adventurer ability “Exploration Dungeon growth EXP gained increase” added.
- You can find out the number of Exploration Dungeon completed from character information menu.




2. Unique item

- Unique items have superior rank and stats over 6 star rare items.
- You can create a unique item from Sarah, located in Adventurer Associations, near the exit.
- You need a 6 star rare item that you wish to upgrade.
- You can see the ingredients and gold required, and how many you have in your inventory when you drag the 6 star rare item you want to upgrade into the slot.






- Unique items can be upgraded with “Ancient Treasure – unique item upgrade scroll”s.
- “Ancient Treasure – unique item upgrade scroll” can be created by using recipes, or collecting loot from raid.
- Unique item can be upgraded to maximum +20.
- Attempt to upgrade unique item uses 5 durability.

- You can add/change special options for unique items from Sarah, in Adventurer Association near the exit.
- When you add/change a special unique option, a level 1 option is provided.
- You can upgrade the option level up to level 10.
- You can only add or change unique options on protective equipments.
- Attempt to add or change unique options use 10 durability.


3. Title

- Title is similar to achievements as they are obtained automatically when you complete a certain task.
- Each title can be obtained by performing a different task.
- You can open up title menu by pressing hotkey Y or clicking Character > Title from the bottom UI.
- You can view how to obtain the title by hovering the cursor over the title.


4. Town teleport location added 


- Each town’s teleporter Rowena now provides teleport options for hunting grounds around the player’s level.