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[Event]November Winter Preparation Event

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands.

We will be providing the items listed below to every character visiting the world of Lodoss Islands during the event period.

More rewarding events are on the way, so please keep an eye out!




2017/11/23 After Maintenance ~ 2017/11/30 Before Maintenance


Every character connecting to "Lodoss War Online" will be provided with the items listed below.




※  Please note
1. Winter Preparation Event reward items will be delivered to your mailbox once per character.
2. It may take some time before the items are delivered to your mailbox.

3. "Artifact: Starry Blessing" effect does not stack with "Artifact: Starry Blessing(Global)"
4. Event details could be changed due to internal affairs. Any changes made will be notified in a separate announcement.