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[Update]Lodoss War Online Patchnotes (March 8th)

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands.

Here are the detailed patchnotes for new Guild Hall system.


You can now create guild hall from NPC Baros in Adventurer Association.


1. Conditions for Creating Guild Halls

 - Guild level is higher than 50           
 - There are more than 10 members in the guild           
 - Only guild masters can create guild hall.           
 - The guild hall has not yet been created.           


2. Conditions for Removing Guild Halls            

- The guild hall is automatically removed when the guild is disbanded.
- If guild is disbanded by the guild master, or by being automatically disbanded

due to no connection of the guild members, the guild hall is automatically removed.           


3. Entering Guild Halls

- You can enter the guild hall from NPC Baros in Adventurer Association after creating one.           
- You can teleport into the guild hall with Marfa's Teleport Scrolls.
- You can also enter the guild hall from NPC Kein, located next to Baros.

4. Guild Hall NPC information

- You can ask NPC Lunes to teleport back to town. (Jackson, Allan, Lloyd)

- You can use Guild Shop from the Guild Shopkeeper NPC Areis.

In Companionship Seal shop, you can exchange items listed below to Companionship Seals.




In Guild shop, you can purchase the items listed below according to your guild shop level.


You will need to upgrade your guild shop by providing Companionship Seals to NPC Areis.




You can view the list of contents of each box by hovering your cursor over the box and pressing " + " key.

- You can decorate the guild hall from Guild Lobby Manager NPC Ramanes.




The new guild skill effects are listed below.




- You can enter Guild Dungeon from Guild Dungeon Manager NP Linke.

There are 2 different levels of Guild Dungeons.
You can only enter Low-class dungeon on [Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday]
You can only enter High-class dungeon on [Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday] 
You can only receive the Guild Dungeon reward once per day.
You can enter the guild dungeon without any restrictions. 

[Complete]Scheduled Regular Maintenance(March 15th)
[Complete]Scheduled Regular Maintenance(March 8th)