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[Update]Lodoss War Online Patchnotes (September 7th)

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands.


Here are the detailed patchnotes for September 7th. 



1.  Golden Monsters drop Rare Items with extra options!


Golden Monsters will drop these new items with 4 different options!



Not only that, but they will provide existing 5 Star Rare items with 1 extra option as well!





2. "Artifact: Starry Blessing II" will be exchanged with "Artifact: Starry Blessing(Global)"


"Artifact: Starry Blessing(Global) will provide +100% Monster Elimination EXP, instead of "Artifact: Starry Blessing II"'s +30%.



3. Growth Daily Cap Increase

NPC Donein, located in front of Adventurer Associations, will provide "Artifact: Fruit of Growth(30day)" ONCE per character. When consumed, it will increase your daily Growth cap by 10.



4. Elisa's New Consumable Shop

NPC Elisa, located in basement of Adventurer Association, will provide a new Consumable Shop for adventurers!

You will be able to purchase useful Buff Medicines with gold!