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[Maintenance]Temporary Maintenance Schedule Change (August 30th)

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands.


A temporary maintenance will be held on the following time.


- 2017/08/29 01:00AM(UTC) ~ 2017/08/29 03:00AM(UTC)

- 2017/08/30 01:00AM(UTC) ~ 2017/08/30 03:00AM(UTC)



- Lodoss War Online Game&Game web launch.

Please note

*All existing "L&K" accounts can start "GNG member information transfer" after the temporary maintenance.


*All existing "L&K" accounts will be able to continue accessing "Lodoss War Online" until August 31st regardless of "GNG member information transfer".


*All existing users will be able to download patch files through your game client launcher after the scheduled regular maintenance on August 31st.


*Payment system will be made available from August 31st, after our "Game&Game" Grand Opening


*New member registration will only be available through "Game&Game".


*Newly registered "Game&Game" members will be able to start accessing the game from August 31st, after our "Game&Game" Grand Opening.


*New "Game&Game" game client download will be available from our official homepage after August 31st 03:30AM(UTC).



You will not be able to access "Lodoss War Online" and the official homepage during the maintenance.


We apologize for any inconveniences caused, and ask for your kind understanding.


Thank you.