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[Complete]Scheduled Regular Maintenance (January 18th)

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Island.


Scheduled regular maintenance will be held on the following time.



- (Game) 2018/01/018 00:30AM(UTC) ~ 2018/01/18 03:30AM(UTC)
- (Web) 2018/01/018 00:30AM(UTC) ~ 2018/01/18 03:00AM(UTC)



- Server stabilization


- Contents Update

Underware upgrade system will be implemented.

You can upgrade your underwear item from Silvia in Jackson town.

Premium Mercenary Ticket[Season 1] and 3 other items will be sold in Grand Gold Coin Shop.


- Bug fixes

The issue where item pack "Adventurer Bundle" not providing proper content will be fixed.

The issue where color code appears as text in certain parts of JCP client Grand Coin shop will be fixed.

The issue where game client crashes if you mouseover on items with certain options will be fixed.

You will not be able to access Lodoss War Online during the maintenance.

Thank you.



As of 03:00Am(UTC), you are able to access Lodoss War Online normally.