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[Patchnote]June 13th Patchnotes

1. Exploration Dungeon Reward Rework


1) Items purchasable with Adventurer Association Seal added





2) Methods to obtain Adventurer Association Seal added


- Ancient Material – Mystic Stone can be exchanged with 10 Adventurer Association Seals
- Monster elimination drops Adventurer Association Seal at a certain chance
- Adventuere Association Seal included in Exploration dungeon conqueror box increased from 10 to 50


3) Crafting and Upgrading Ring of Eternity


- Battered Ring of Eternity, and Ring of Eternity [0 Rank] can be crafted by purchasing recipe from Exploration Dungeon NPC.
- Ring of Eternity [1 Rank] to [20 Rank] can be crafted from NPC Sarah.
- Ring of Eternity disappears if you fail to upgrade it







4) Removing Unnecessary Items


- Items listed below are removed




2. New Items in Labyrinth Shop


1) New Items Purchasable with Labyrinth Mana Fragment




2) New Item Purchasable with Immortal Shard




3. New Items in Raid Shop


1) New Items Purchasable with Spark of Disaster



2) Silver Series Items Rework



3) New Items Purchasable with Flames of Disaster



4. Heroes Article Rework


1) New Items Purchasable with Heroes Trace







5. Bug Fixes


- Thief Class ‘Throwing Dagger’ damage error fixed
- Warlock Class ‘Dark Ball’ damage error fixed.