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[Patchnote]April 18th Patchnote

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands.


Here are the detailed patchnote for April 18th update.



1. Mercenary Synthesis System


- To synthesize Mercenary Fragments, click on the fragments in possession.
- 10 of the same mercenary fragment are required for 1 synthesis.


- Synthesis Reward


*Upgrade Mercenary can be obtained from Upgrade Mercenary Box



2. Upgrade Mercenary


- Upgrade Mercenary can be obtained from Upgrade Mercenary Box
- Upgrade Mercenary Box can be obtained from A Rank Mercenary Synthesis
- Support Skills of Upgrade Mercenary can be activated in normal field hunting grounds.
- Other stat or skill values except the Support Skills are the same as normal Mercenary.





3. Maximum Level Increase to 140


< Maximum level of player’s character increased to 140 >


- Maximum level of player’s character is increased to 140.
- There are no additional conditions to reaching level 140.


< Maximum skill level increase >




4. New Raid Instance


< Forgotton Temple (Hard) >


- A raid instance for players above 110 levels, Forgotton Temple (Hard) has been added.
- Maximum 40 players can enter at the same time.



5. New Field Hunting Ground Lake Obelisk B8


- A new hunting ground for players above 120 levels, Lake Obelisk B8 has been added.
- Field Difficulty Bonus value is listed below



6. Hunting Ground Balance Patch and Added Difficulty


< Solo Hunting Ground >



< Party Hunting Grounds >



7. Additional 5 Star Rare Equipment for Beginner Hunting Ground


- New 5 Star Rare equipment drops have been added to beginner hunting grounds.


< Abandoned Border Fortress >



< Swamp of Tranquility >



8. Beginner Guide NPC


- A new Beginner Guide NPC for players under level 80 has been added.
- Beginner Guide NPC is located in the lobby of each Adventurer Association.
- The NPC provides Beginner Shop and Teleport.



9. Difficulty Teleport Helper NPC


- A new NPC has been added to help players change Difficulty.
- Difficulty Teleport Helper NPC is located in sanctuaries of hunting grounds listed below.

Abandoned Border Fortress
Swamp of Tranquility
Lake Obelisk B3~B8
Charnel House B6 Dangerous Area 2
Elbeck's Hidden Passage B5 Dangerous Area 2
Minotaur's Labyrinty B3 Dangerous Area 2
Karla's Manor Annex Basement Dangerous Area



10. Bug Fixes and Other Patches.


- Death Penalty of Elementalist being removed
- Skill Point EXP is shown as negative value
- Quest reward is sent to mailbox if there is no inventory space.
- Grand Gold Inventory increase (Originally 70 ->Changed to 140)