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[Maintenance]Temporary Maintenance(February 1st)




Hello, heroes of Lodoss Island.


Scheduled regular maintenance time will be held on the following time.



- (Game) 2019/02/01 07:50AM(UTC) ~ 2019/02/01 08:50AM(UTC)



- Server stabilization
- Nell's Seal Shop (Season 7) for Nell's Masterwork Seal(Season 7) will be opened.

- February Green Seed Attendance Check event linked to January attendance check will be fixed.

- Nell's Masterwork Bag(Season 7) Contents will become tradable.


Please note any Nell's Masterwork Bag content obtained before the maintenance will remain untradable.

Please submit a 1:1 inquiry if you wish to have the item exchanged to a tradable one.





You will not be able to access Lodoss War Online during the maintenance.

Thank you.